Hospitals “Feel Like Prison”


This is a 4-minute Video snippet of a WEGO Health-sponsored  “Patient Panel” which focused on the “Hospital Patient Discharge Process.”  I was asked to participate in the Panel due to my vast and lovely experiences being “Discharged” from over 200 hospitalizations as a result of 30 years battling Crohn’s Disease.

I’ve worked with WEGO Heath before and each time I am more impressed with their corporate style.  It’s probably because they let me, be me, and never filter my opinions.  Let’s just say WEGO Health appears to be a very cool company because they practice what they preach: “Empowering Health Activists to Help Others.”  We need more companies like WEGO Health to provide these types of Patient platforms from which Health Activists can convey the “Patient Perspective.”

3 responses to “Hospitals “Feel Like Prison”

  1. The patient perspective is certainly important for understanding the fragmented process and nature of patient discharge. However, this process is part of larger systemic practices that needs to be taken into account as well. What would it take to produce — or organize– a culture of learning around patient discharge rather than one of blame on the providers? What role can incentives play for example in improving overall quality, and creating a more healing environment?

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