Pain Patient Retort to CNN’s “Deadly Dose” program re: Prescription Drug Overdoses

My respectful 7-minute Video “Retort” to CNN’s & Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s recent show “Deadly Dose,” which revealed the growing tragic problem of narcotic/opioid prescription drug overdoses.  My perspective is that of a chronic pain patient who is worried about new laws addressing this tragic problem but over-reaching and, in doing so, “throwing out the baby with the bath water,” and making lives of chronic patients MUCH more difficult.




2 responses to “Pain Patient Retort to CNN’s “Deadly Dose” program re: Prescription Drug Overdoses

  1. I put together a DVD presentation for my former surgeon who was also one of my pain specialist for a period of time. I still am treated at the same pain clinic that he left. He noted that there is a difference between physical dependence upon pain medication and an addict that is seeking a high, and that too many MD’s assume every long term chronic pain patient is turned into an addict. I have recently experienced contact with a MD that I had seen once before who really treats pain clinic patients like they are something less than human, and they could possibly not understand anything medically, which angers her when somone knows more about their condition medically than she does, being her ego cannot take that as acceptable.The DEA is feeding into this hysteria because of a few high profile cases of this happening (before Michael Jackson and others). This really is throwing out the bab with the bathwater, unfortunately.

  2. Thank You

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